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McCue’s Taxi offers corporate ground transportation solutions to businesses in our surrounding communities.

Convenient itemized monthly billing statements allow administrators to track costs and allocate transportation expenses to their proper departments.

Utilizing a voucher system accounts receive an itemized monthly statement as well as a copy of the voucher used by the employee. Pre-printed vouchers supplied by McCue’s Taxi can provide a wide range of information depending upon your billing needs, such as project numbers, cost codes, department names, or authorization signatures.

At the end of the month, itemized invoices are generated and mailed to you. A signed copy of every voucher is included with each invoice for your verification and billing needs. Electronic invoicing and payment is also available on all corporate accounts.

How to apply?

Fill out the business Account Application and submit. Upon approval, we will mail you a supply of pre-printed taxi charge vouchers. Vouchers are sequentially numbered and are assigned specifically to your account

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