About McCue's Taxi Watertown Yellow Cab

A family business providing reliable and honest transportation services for over 60 years.

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Our Team

McCue’s Taxi has a team of award winning professional drivers. They have extensive knowledge and experience navigating in our surrounding communities. All drivers have a clean CORI (Criminal Background Check) performed by the Watertown Police Department once a year. Our safe and professional drivers do this as their profession, it’s not a “side hustle” like ride-sharing companies that employ anyone that has a license and vehicle.

Our Story

McCue's Taxi Watertown Yellow Cab, Inc. has been in business for over 60 years and is in its fourth generation of the McCue Family. Over the many generations and successful years, McCue's has developed a stronghold in the transportation industry in Watertown and its surrounding cities and towns. McCue's Taxi owns 21 taxi medallions and specializes in service to Corporate Accounts. We have been recognized as the most reliable, professional, and trusted transportation service around.

Our history

As president of McCue’s Taxi, Sean directs a Watertown Square company that began in the 1930s when his great-grandfather, Thomas McCue, established it. In 1945, Thomas’s son, Paul, took over the business after Army service in World War II.

Continuing the family pattern, Paul’s son, Robert, after serving in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, came home to help his father with the business. The 1970s were a time of expansion: The company acquired 14 licenses owned by Watertown Yellow Cab.

In the background, during much of this time was Sean’s mother, Mary McCue, who took care of bills, paperwork and taxes. Her son calls her “the backbone of the business” without whom the company would not be where it is today. In addition to this work, Mary McCue has been a kindergarten teacher for over 40 years.

McCue’s Taxi is one of a few remaining family owned and operated companies in Watertown. Through continuing our support to the local schools, businesses and patrons, we give back to our town in every way possible. The battle against ride-sharing giants is very real, but the McCue family remains positive in their fight to remain a cornerstone of this great community.