After 80 years of servicing the Watertown community, and over four generations of the McCue family, we are saddened to announce we have closed our doors for the final time. We are grateful for the many people in the community who relied upon us and feel blessed to have served their transportation needs for so many years.

Robert and Mary McCue dedicated their entire lives to McCue's Taxi. Their work ethic, dedication and morals were the foundation of McCue's Taxi that allowed it to prosper for so many years. Although they will not be here to see their life's work come full circle, we honor and acknowledge all that they sacrificed and gave to this company and community.

Every passing person through this life will unknowingly leave something and take something away. Most of this "something" cannot be seen or heard or numbered or scientifically detected or counted. It's what we leave in the minds of other people and what they leave in ours. MEMORIES. The census doesn't count it. Nothing counts without it. Thank you, Watertown, for the wonderful memories.

McCue's Taxi

The McCue Family