McCue's Taxi Watertown Yellow Cab

McCue's Taxi (Watertown Yellow Cab) has been in the Taxi & Transportation business since the 1930's, making us the largest and most trusted Taxi Cab Company in the Watertown, Belmont & Waltham area. We have four generations of Taxi experience under our roof, We guarantee that you will enjoy our competitive prices, comfortable vehicles and professional, courteous service.

Get a Ride in Minutes

1. Request

Get your location on the map, enter the destination and click on the Calculate Route button.

Step One

2. Ride

One of our Cabs picks you up at your location. Our professional drivers will get you to your destination safely.

Step Two

3. Pay

When the ride ends, just pay the driver by Cash or Card. Rate your driver through your phone and share with other people!

Step Three

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Do I need a password every time I request a cab?

Once your device is verified you will not need to verify it again, nor will you need a password.”

You will only need to verify your device again if you are requesting a cab from another device or if you internet settings have changed.

Can I request multiple cabs at the same time?

You will need a business account in order to request multiple cabs at the same time.

You can contact us and we will upgrade your account from individual to a business account.

Will I receive a SMS or CALL when a driver is assigned to my order?

We will send you a SMS or give you a CALL depending on how you verified your device when we assign a driver to you.

Is the estimated price the final price?

No, price will be slightly different than the estimated price. Estimator is used only to give you an idea of how much your ride will be.

Price could vary upon traffic delays and does not include tolls.


Like The Old Style Service?

Do you prefer talking to someone to order a cab? Are you having trouble using our App? No problem!

Click on the Contact Us button below and talk to a real human dispatcher!